Bellerud Transport has been in the business of hauling Cargo and Freight for 60 years now! From refrigerated to dry van trucking, our trucking company is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services.

Our Services

Refrigerated Trucking

Bellerud Transport is a leader in refrigerated trucking services or temperature controlled transport (TCL) throughout North America and Canada.

Our primary customers have time-sensitive loads requiring temperature-controlled transportation. We have the expertise to keep your produce, frozen foods and perishable items fresh at the correct, controlled temperature, by experienced professional drivers. We feature late model tractors and refrigerated freight trailers to provide highly reliable, on-time pickup, and superior customer service.

Our Services

Dry Van Freight Shipping

Bellerud has the experience and equipment to ship nearly any type of dry freight throughout North America and Canada.

Dry van shipping is the most common method for transporting freight across interstates. A dry van is a standard trailer that does not need to be temperature-controlled and is designed to carry freight that is loaded on pallets, packed in boxes, or otherwise secured within the trailer. Because of this versatility, dry van trailers are ideal for shipping nearly any type of good or equipment that fits within certain size and weight limitations.

Our Services

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