We’re a nationwide long haul trucking company handling
both dry and refrigerated freight.

We have been providing quality, just in time delivery service to our clients since the 1970’s. If you are looking for a trucking company to handle your freight or a company to call home, you’ve found it.


Our Leadership Team

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Larry Bellerud


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Paul Shereck

Head of Operations

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Rob Kraft

Comptroller & Director of Safety

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Travis Lindsey



Our Location

We’re based in North Dakota, but our customers are nationwide and in Canada.

Bellerud Transport Headquarters
Fargo, North Dakota

Our Location

We’re based in North Dakota, but our
customers are nationwide and in Canada.


CIRCA 1955

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It was strong, loyal partnerships that started Bellerud Transport back in 1955 when, just shortly after graduating high school, Dick Bellerud borrowed $1,000 from his grandmother to start trucking.

Dick drove for more than 20 years and became very well-known in the trucking industry. By the mid 1970’s, he was so well known that other truckers often called him to find loads. This took him into the brokerage business, which he started in his home at Grafton ND.

By the 1980’s Bellerud Transport had continued to grow as a brokerage & trucking firm. In 1982 Larry Bellerud, Dick's son, joined the company. They relocated to Fargo ND in 1990.

In 1989 Paul Shereck joined the organization and in 1991 Rob Kraft started. Bellerud Transport had put in place a solid management foundation to support them long term. Along with a solid leadership team, strong partnerships continued to fuel the growth at Bellerud; especially key partnerships like Jennie-O Turkey Stores, Petals West and the Lid Company. Throughout the changes and growth, Bellerud Transport never compromised on quality.


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