Bellerud has had a long history of softball both as players and as a sponsor. Bellerud started sponsoring softball in 1984 in Grafton ND. The team started playing Class D and won the State Championship in 1985. They then moved to Class C and continued having success, eventually getting them moved to Class B in 1987. The Bellerud team won 7 consecutive league championships between 1984 and 1990.

Bellerud moved out of Grafton to Fargo in the fall of 1990. Although Larry Bellerud continued to play softball, Bellerud Transport didn’t get back in to sponsoring until 1994.

In 1994, the team started playing Class C and was quickly moved up to Class B by 1995 and finally Class A in 1996. Through its relationship with Petro, Bellerud transitioned out of sponsoring the team and allowed Petro to sponsor the team starting in 1998. As Petro they won the 1999 State Championship at the highest level in North Dakota. The team was picked up by Tharaldson in 2000 and again won the State Championship for the second year in a row. They also took 5th that year at the National Tournament in Lakeland, Florida.

Bellerud got back into sponsoring in 2002 and won the Class B State Championship in 2003 and took 2nd in 2004 & 2005. In 2007, the team won the league championship, took 2nd at the McQuades tournament and 3rd at state. In 2008, Bellerud Transport took 5th place at the Division 1 State Tournament.

Bellerud Transport also sponsors a 35 and Over team which has won the 35 and Over State Tournament, eight years in a row (2000 to 2007). In 2008, Bellerud Transport’s “35 and Over” team took 2nd place at the State Tournament, losing 16 – 17 to Broken Oar from Bismarck. Bellerud Transport’s 35 and Over team will be back again next year to reclaim their title.

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